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I would like to ask you to forward this to your respective community
network (Ninux, AWMN, FF, Guifi etc)

This is usually quite a big event (and yes, we timed it so that it does
not collide with the Battlemesh :)  - and it is AFAIK the first
international one of it's kind. And since it is in Vienna, it is also
pretty reasonable to get to (for us Europeans).

So, put a mark in your calendar or register for a reminder at the URL :)
More info to come...



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August 12-15, 2010: International Summit for Community Wireless Networks

Vienna, Austria

The New America Foundation's Open Technology Initiative, Tech Gate
Vienna, the CUWiN Foundation, and the Acorn Active Media Foundation are
pleased announce that the annual International Summit for Community
Wireless Networks will take place in Vienna, Austria from August 12-15,
Internet access is increasingly important to all facets of civil
society. Since the first National Summit for Community Wireless Networks
in 2004, tens of thousands of community and municipal broadband
initiatives have been deployed around the globe, but many communities
are being left out of this communications revolution.  "The global
coalition of developers, communities, industry, and advocates working
together over the past decade has created one of the most disruptive and
far-reaching technological innovations of our generation, yet few know
about it and fewer still have taken advantage of this opportunity," says
Sascha Meinrath, director of the Open Technology Initiative and the
Summit's founder.  "The International Summit for Community Wireless
Networks is the nexus around which this movement swaps notes,
strategizes, and organizes its agenda for development and implementation
of ubiquitous, affordable broadband networks."

2010 marks the first year that this group of technologists,
entrepreneurs, government officials, academics and engaged citizens will
convene outside the United States, a critical step to broaden and deepen
international involvement in what truly is a global movement.
Participants will learn from each other’s examples, exchange strategies
and anecdotes, and build partnerships that strengthen alliances among

Vienna possesses a rich and diverse mix of established technology
companies and start ups, new media organizations, researchers and
cultural producers as well as a remarkable number of institutions of
higher learning. Not only is Vienna well positioned among the top
international leaders in the information economy, the city is also home
to FunkFeuer, one of the most advanced community wireless networks in
the world.  FunkFeuer is highly respected internationally for its
technical and social innovations, its many collaborations with
university researchers and artists, and the scale and scope of its
network.  The Summit will provide an opportunity to expand upon
FunkFeuer's successes and spread best-methods for developing sustainable
metro-scale wireless mesh networks.

The International Summit for Community Wireless Networks focuses on how
wireless networks can better serve their target populations, the
policies needed to support broader deployment of community wireless
systems, and the latest technological and software innovations in the field.

More information on the International Summit for Community Wireless
Networks, including a call for proposals, registration, and other
logistical information, will be available in the coming weeks at

We look forward to seeing you in August!


About the Acorn Active Media Foundation: The Acorn Active Media
Foundation engages in software, website and technical development in
support of the global justice movement. Acorn's commitment to its work
stems from a foundational philosophy that its projects should align with
the Foundation's goals to support social and economic justice. More
information is available at: www.acornactivemedia.com

About the CUWiN Foundation (CUWiN): CUWiN is a world-renowned coalition
of wireless developers and community volunteers committed to providing
low-cost, do-it-yourself, community controlled alternatives to
contemporary broadband models. Its mission is to develop decentralized,
community-owned networks that foster democratic cultures and local
content. Through advocacy and through its commitment to open source
technology, CUWiN supports organic networks that grow to meet the needs
of their community. More information is available at www.cuwin.net

About the Open Technology Initiative: Part of the New America
Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy institute in
Washington, D.C., the Open Technology Initiative (OTI) formulates policy
and regulatory reforms to support open architectures and open source
innovations and facilitates the development and implementation of open
technologies and communications networks. As an independent non-profit
initiative, OTI provides in-depth, objective research, analysis, and
findings for policy decision-makers and the general public. More
information is available at: http://oti.newamerica.net

About Tech Gate Vienna: Tech Gate Vienna is Vienna's first Science and
Technology Park. For several years Tech Gate Vienna has provided a
common location for research facilities, technology orientated companies
and supportive advisory services. Vienna's focus on high-tech
development is right here. Concentration on specific topics has ensured
its effectiveness, and created an important requirement for developing
synergies.  More information is available at: http://www.techgate.at

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