[Ninux-Wireless] meshvpn from hackerspace

lilo al3lilo a autistici.org
Dom 18 Lug 2010 20:48:07 CEST

vi incollo una mail, a chi interessa

subject: [hackerspaces] chaosvpn / AgoraLink - the vpn to connect the 
hackerspaces... / HOPE / DEFCON

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Hey guys, you maybe have heard about AgoraLink / chaosvpn already.

Agoralink / Chaosvpn is a fully meshed VPN to connect the hackerspaces
and other spaces where hackers are around.

So we are getting further and more and more hackerspaces are getting
connected we would like to encourage more of you to connect your
hackerspace to the VPN and therefore join the growing private
hackerspaces network.

More Information:
Wiki page: http://wiki.hamburg.ccc.de/index.php/ChaosVPN

IRC is #chaosvpn on irc.hackint.org

We are at HOPE if you want to get in touch in the hackerspace village
(yeah, cool announcing that on sunday, right?) and we will be somehow
on defcon i guess.

So if you have questions or want to join just come over - or send a
mail :)

Greetings from a awesome HOPE

mc.fly ...


ciao, lilo

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