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2011/8/29 clauz <tuscolomesh a gmail.com>

> Nuovo post sul blog (Ninux.org Wireless Community):
> 'GSOC 2011: RadioMate' di clauz
> The Ninux community, under the umbrella of Freifunk, developed four awesome
> open-source projects for the Google Summer of Code program 2011: a
> front-end for
> RadioMate, a new mapserver (called nodeshot), a video and chat extension to
> the
> social networking engine Diaspora* and a new tunneling tool.
> In this post I will write about RadioMate, the project I was involved in.
> Then
> posts on the other projects will follow!
> There are many web-radio projects that are closely involved in the world of
> Community Networks: in Rome Fusoradio and Radio Sonar are an active part of
> the
> community and relay on the ninux network for their streaming, in Leipzig
> Radio
> Blau (which transmits also in FM) gives big spaces to the Freifunk project,
> or
> RadioCona in Ljubljana, where the Wlan Slovenija project is based.
> Often these web radios have to relay on closed-source software platforms as
> the
> available open-source solutions don't fit their needs.
> RadioMate is a free (as in freedom) community-wise Web-radio management
> system.
> Some of its features are:
>        support of multiple users with different privileges (roles)
>        easy radio schedule management
>        handling of audio files and playlists
>        extendable with new types of transmissions
>        interface with the icecast server
>        takeover of the radio streaming in case of "special editions"
> While last year the RadioMate engine was developed, this year our efforts
> focused on a Web frontend. You can find a demo at radiomate.ninux.org. The
> username is "foobar" while the password is "secret". Point also your player
> (e.g. VLC) at  radiomate.ninux.org:8000.
> For the techies, the engine is based on liquidsoap, written in Python, and
> easily extendable through liquidsoap scripts. It exports a JSON API which
> is
> exploited by the Javascript (jQuery) based Web frontend. Source code and
> documentation can be found at radiomate.org.
> Of course there is still work to do, but I hope that this software will be
> soon
> used by our friends running webradios!
> As we say in Rome:Daje!
> Clauz
> http://blog.ninux.org/2011/08/29/gsoc-2011-radiomate/
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