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Gio 2 Giu 2011 20:06:12 CEST

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'Videoconferencing suitable for Mesh Networks - GSoC 2011' di Vittorio

Many people would like to use VoIP in our mesh network, but they encounter some

most of existent VoIP solutions depend from Internet;
they don't have a good mobile phone integration and they don't support IPv6;
and also, the Internet bandwidth in our network is going towards exhaustion. 

So the project's aim is to create a distributed VoIP network compatible with
VoIP clients, integrated in a social-network and easily accessible.
To achieve the proposal of this project, was decided to use an open-standard
communication protocol as XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) and
the famous Jingle XEP (XMPP Extension Protocol) for the VoIP signalling
For the audio/video transport will be used Cumulus, an opensource "rendezvous"
service to assist P2P connection in peer's communication using UDP.
The web-based VoIP client will be integrated into an open-source, distributed
social-network, currently under development, called Diaspora.
The code will be available here: https://github.com/lasek/eigen-diaspora


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