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Hi all,

As mentors of the WBMv11 edition, Claudio, Filipe, and Paul have
traveled to Berlin in Germany from December 1-3, 2017 for the
traditional reconnaissance mission, where we met the local team. This is
the recon report with the main conclusions. 

* Main event description * 
As there is a big intersection of participants between the Wireless
Battlemesh and Wireless Community Weekend, the idea for this year's
edition is to join the forces and co-locate the two events, organizing
them under a common umbrella, the "Wireless Mesh-Up". We have been
working with the local team to create a rough schedule and see the best
way to combine the characteristics of the two events. 

* Scheduling * 
Since we have put the two events together and keeping the same one-week
WBM structure, we precede the Wireless Community weekend, which was
already scheduled for 11th to 13th of May. Therefore the WBMv11 edition,
together with WCW 2018 will happen from 7-13 May 2018.

* Location * 
Since the WBMv11 will be co-located with WCW 2018, we will keep the
c-base space station, Berlin, Terra as the event location. We have
visited the space station to check if space was enough to fit in the
targeted 100 people peak. Although space can be a little short on peak
times, we believe there should be enough space during the week: we are
free to use the main room, the Ceminarroom, the outdoor garden and other
small spaces at ground level and at the lower level. Beverages are
available on site and Barbeque will happen from Friday to Sunday. During
the week there will be different food options, whether on-site or
nearby. We have confirmed the sponsorship from Förderverein freie
Netzwerke e.V. that covers the room costs so far.

* Internet Access * 
c-base is a fundamental node of Berlin's Freifunk network, so we expect
no issues here.

* Accommodation * 
Two different facilities were visited: hotel meininger at ostbahnhof and
City-Stay hostel. They offer triple rooms and 4-bed dorms at affordable
prices. Both locations were close to c-base by public transports. An
accommodation package is under negotiation and should remain under 200 EUR.

* Social Events * 
Social events are planned to happen from Wednesday - Friday. We have
discussed some ideas, but the local team will provide more details
closer to the event. 

* Travel * 
Berlin is very well connected with flights, from low-cost companies to
legacy ones in two international airports: Tegel Airport (TXL) and
Schönefeld Airport (SXF). Public transport (train) is available between
airports and city center.

* Cost estimation * 
We estimate the accommodation package to cost around 150-200 euros.
There is no registration fee.

*Local organization*
The local core team consists of Monic Meisel, with helping hands of
Andi, Cven, and others from Freifunk community The local team was very
helpful and motivated, with a lot of logistic details taken care already.

Recon photos available on

Further details will be given during the official announcement that will
happen within some weeks. Stay tuned!

Mesh Is In The Air!

On behalf of the recon team and local organizers of WBMv11,
Wishing you a happy new year,
Filipe Borges Teixeira
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