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Some questions and comments  in-line.

On 31 December 2011 13:47,  wrote:
> Here it is. I am sorry if I am misspelling Greek names...
>  - Battlemesh 5 will be held in the center of Athens
>  - we can use a room at the local university that contains ~100 people

Which university is it? Can we know the address of the faculty/building? thx

> and where we can put some tables for the LAN space. Drawback: probably
> we cannot stay there until late night/morning

I also think that this is a quite important problem but it seems that
the locals are already working to find a solution.

>  - the aproximate fee (to be confirmed) will be of 70-80
> euros/participant. Something like 70 euros if you book in advance, 80 if
> you book late
>  - there is an hotel that can host us at a very good price. It can
> contain up to ~60 people, but we are authorized to use sleeping bags
> (yes, without being kicked out)

Maybe there's no need to ask it but just to make it clear: I
understand that the amount of money mentioned in the previous point
already includes the accommodation, right?

Regarding working during the nights: it would be great to have a room
in the hotel for this purpose.

>  - to deploy the nodes we can use the rooftops [are there sockets on the
> roofs?] and the inside of the university buildings and also ask people
> around the place if we can use the sockets in their houses (Greeks are
> very hospital and open-minded, especially in that area)
>  - for eating: in the surroundings there are plenty of places, however
> we can arrange something for the lunchs with the university's facilities
> or with a place that is popular among students (and very cheap). Some
> arrangements where attempted to order pizza for every participant, but
> no pizzeria is willing to make a discount
>  - for drinking: there is the university cafeteria, where we can find
> coffee at a good price
>  - we might have a social event (i.e. lamb) at the hackerspace, which is
> about 30 minutes away by bus
>  - there is a group of 6-8 villages, including Sarantaporo, in
> Tessaloniki, 4-6 hours by bus from Athens, that have invited us to visit
> them for the time of a weekend (they are busy working the rest of the
> week). They have a ~100 nodes, ~400 users mesh network deployed and they
> invited us also to use their infrastructure for the battle. As we don't
> have the time to prepare and perform a battle there in less than a
> weekend, the proposal is to extend the battlemesh timespan from the 24th
> of March to the 1st of April, i.e. including another weekend at the
> beginning, to visit Sarantaporo, exchange ideas and know-how, eat lamb,
> and then begin the actual battlemesh in Athens from the 26th of March.
> The visit to these villages should cost ~20 euros for the whole weekend
> (essentialy the cost of the bus, as we can stay at people's houses)

Sounds really cool!

>  - deadline to prepare the announcement: January 7, 2012. After that the
> Greek organizers will be busy with university stuff
>  - things to put in the announcement:
>   * fee (we need to know exactly how much will the hotel charge)
>   * dates: 24/03 -> 01/04 including visit to the villages or 26/03 -> 01/04
>   * price for the weekend at Sarantaporo
>   * location of the hotel
>   * account for the money transfers (we can ask ELAC, which is an
> organization that organized some open source related events - such as
> Mozilla stuff - in Athens)
>   * transportation
>  - we might have some sponsors: red bull, pc engines
>  - it would be good to record the talks during the event, and also to
> have maps of the buildings and of the surroundings
>  - we need to understand if we can deploy an open access point for
> Internet access, or if we need some password or whatever to access the
> university network
>  - having a closing party somewhere in the last weekend would be great
>  - for what concerns the foneras, they are somewhere between Brussels
> and Paris. As it seems that nobody is driving to Athens, they should be
> shipped ~two weeks in advance to Greece
>  - we need a protocol-neutral testing team to design and perform the
> tests for the battle
> If you want to add and correct please feel free to do so.
> Thanks to everybody for the great job, and especially to Nefeli and the
> other Greek folks for hosting us!

An AWMN association member told me during we had conversation recently
that despite some members of the association had shown interest in
helping in the organization during the meeting we had last September
no body have contact them so far. IMHO it will be a big mistake if we
do not manage to make everyone feel comfortable in the WBM specially
if he/she is actively offering help. Therefore I request those who are
leading the organization of the current edition to contact the AWMN
association to tell them how they can contribute. thx.

> ciao,
> Clauz
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