[Battlemesh] Could Facebook's OpenCellular be used in open mesh networks?

fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Sun Jul 10 23:23:25 UTC 2016

Am 10.07.16 um 14:01 schrieb David Lang:
> One problem with the idea of a generic SDR is that you really do need
> good RF filters tuned to the frequencies you are operating in to get
> good performance in areas where there are lots of other radios.

Think of the RF frontend as an accessory. You choose it according to 
your requirements regarding frequency spectrum, channel bandwidth, 
signal power, MIMO, overall quality. I think OpenCellular is based on 
such a concept.

This needs standardization of interfaces and form factors. Like in the 
personal computer industry.

Don't hold your breath but if it is happening, hardware costs will drop 
to a fraction. Nobody will any longer think of doing customized chipsets 
for 802.11, GSM or LTE.


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