[Battlemesh] WBMV9 Broadcast problems (Denied to do the broadcast @ Porto 2016)

cmsv cmsv at wirelesspt.net
Wed Jul 20 18:03:55 UTC 2016

Hello gentlemen,

This email is my last one to the list and community. It is long but it
is my last one and after this I am gone as intended by those who
prevented me to do what worked so hard to do and promote wbmv9.

The content of this email concerns all involved in the event due to the
activities performed and the fact that i keep being asked about what
happened and here is the media.

This formal notice comes after the attacks I have been a target here in
the following threads.

I am emailing the list as mentioned before, in regards the wbmv9 and the
broadcasting of events
was well as to address some 'turmoil' that has recently happened on the
emailing list for which I am

partially guilty of, and regret having fed. Although I but had no
intention to cause it, please try to understand why and what would you
do in my shoes.

After this email I expect to be flamed, and attacked more than what i
already was in the [Battlemesh] WBMv9 Hostel Invoices topic as well as
on IRC from several parts involved and not involved in this problem.

After this email I will be leaving the mailing list, channel and
community as some of the members have made it hard to impossible to be
respected among them by the way that have treated me.

It is with sadness that I am forced to take this action given the
embarrassment that I have been put through before the event wbmv9,
during and after while just trying to help the event itself.

My only intention was to maximize wbmv9 as most as possible and reach
the widest audience possible to promote
the event in Portugal and Portuguese networks as well new projects that
are trying to break ground or get to be
known in order to boost and maximize their work which is something I
will continue to do on my own.
I was never looking for the spotlight as Mr Leocádio accused me with his
personal and ill informed opinion.

I am sure that helping someone else in the community is also

seen as a way to help ourselves in our own projects because when one
grows, others grow too and therefore the community grows stronger.
This I am guilty of.

The problem that happen within the organization of the event was the
broadcast of the event. NOT what other people
are trying to put as my words or call it a conspiracy.
Some of these comments are based on speculation and some of the people
making in them are actually aware about the real problem since they were
told about it during the event. Mr Wunderlich was informed.

The problem was the broadcast on youtube and how I WAS DENIED TO DO IT
at the last minute right when i was about to do my presentation.
The person that denied it was  Tiago Soares da Costa under the guidance
of Mr Felipe Teixeira as far as I was made aware.

Months before the event started to be organized and the wiki was open to
public information I volunteered
myself right away to do the broadcast. I was invited and contacted to
see if I could organize the event but given the lack of resources I was
very limited and even pointed out another mesh network in the country as
a possibility.

So I offered my help as I could given what I could do (it is all
documented) and my social media to publish the broadcast and host the
videos just like Adjy Leak or Stefan van Hooft did in the past without

So I thought I would not have problems either.

http://ml.ninux.org/pipermail/battlemesh/2015-November/004185.html and
the following weeks it was established that I would take care of the
stream along with ryan.taylor at dailyanarchist.com.
My social media channels were offered and accepted without problems. It
was what I had and could use.

Unfortunately Ryan Taylor was not able to attend and soon I was alone
until the first local team meeting where Mr Filipe Teixeira got me a
partner. Mr Tiago Soares da Costa.

During the following weeks prior to the event I promoted the event as
much as I could, from hacker spaces lists
, social media and individual contacts , harvesting around 5000+
contacts. and several forums as well as irc networks and public entities.

Time, my own money was spent and travel was done to support all this
which had a cost of almost 5000 euros (I was not in the country at the

All this information was given to the local organizers and mentors of
wbmv9. Nothing was done without knowledge
 of all relevant parties involved. Starting by the INESC team. No
changes to my stream commitment were.

So finally the event starts. Monday morning before going to the
university I skyped Mr Filipe Teixeira about
the broadcast and let him know that I had youtube all ready for the

I believe that I may have also sent an email somewhere about it and no
I talked to Mr Filipe Teixeira personally that morning and got no
feedback. Just a head nod. No interest!

As the broadcast starts Tiago Soares da Costa (the other broadcaster
joins me) and we are setting up things, Thats when I notice

some uncomfortable situation about my broadcasting partner and a few
minutes later i got to know why.

AT the last minute before the event 2 unknown youtube accounts had been
created to broadcast the event and there no intention to use what I
prepared and promoted/announced. 2 accounts add been
created in everyone's back and no one was notified or knew about it.

At some point Tiago received a phone call which i do believe it was to
let me do the first broadcast because while on the phone he told me

okay you can do the broadcast.
 Until that call, i realized that I would not be streaming where I had
promoted/announced the stream and was given a piece of paper with a
youtube login.

After the phone call I am told I can use the account I had setup up.

The next we had the sound cable problem. Seemed no one had a cable that
I could use. Later I found out that 100 meters from the hostel was a
store that sold them. Mr Teixeira even knew about it and some stores
nearby but told me nothing= until i went to ask him about it.

Wednesday morning I bought a cable and notify Mr Filipe Teixeira on
skype about it.
I get NO reply.
I arrive to the wbmv6 room and verbally inform him about the
availability of cable, length and if he wanted one.
Again he showed no interest.

It is now Wednesday which is the day of my presentation and minutes
before the presentation Mr Tiago Soares da Costa starts setting up the
hardware for the stream. We have now a problem with available computers
which by the way I notified Mr Filipe Teixeira about it prior to the
battlemesh start and was told that there was no other available computers.

YET, Mr Tiago had his available but not for the stream I had prepared
and announced.

Minutes before i go on camera Tiago takes over the stream, the camera,

I supplied the youtube login credentials and he said he would be using
their channels.

I asked if I could at least, AT LEAST ! have my presentation done in the
channel i had prepared and he DENIED it telling me and i quote: "no you
will get the video later". (I never got the HD video later)

So, am i upset ? Frustrated ? Sad ? Put yourself in my shoes.
There was never an intention to let me stream because i would be using
my channel and to Mr Teixeira, everything should follow official
battlemesh support. (something he wrote on one of his earlier changes)

Those 2 accounts were created last minute, being one to host all future
battlemesh events as well as wbmv9. Last minute creation. Never
announced or advertised anywhere and I was prevented to do the wbmv9
stream and even my own 45 minutes.

The accounts used were not known to the general audience. How was that
helping the wireless battlemesh v9 to be reach a wider audience ??

If such changes were to be changed why last minute shadiness ?
Why weren't we/I told about these changes ? If another account had the
be used why have it hiding and not be announced during the promotion and
endorsements ?

So go ahead flame it me at will. HOW did this move help the event to
reach a wider audience ?

HOW did we as a community and event benefited from this last minute
arrogance ?

Why was a problem having me doing that stream or at least have my talk
streamed as planned ? What did I do wrong ? There was a computer
available, since i was using mine for the talk. I got the sound cable
and the plan was done months ago.

All my effort promoting the event went down the drain. Just look for
yourselves the visits those channels got.

No one except the mailing list got to know about those channels during
those days.
I waited until the day ended. My cable was used and disappeared. I was
only notified about it a few days later when I was hundred KM's away
without possibility to go back to get it.

Next day I told Mr Wunderlich a summary of what I mention here even tho
in the last INVOICE email thread he seems not to have memory of. (we did
talk about this on IRC and you knew) and I abandoned the event sad. You
were told.

Consequences to this were quite a few. Lots of people complaining they
they did not saw the event that day as during the next few days, that I
wasted their time and I did not know what I was doing.

Prior to this and due to the event announcement all over the web with
the press release, some people (including from my project) did not like
how the press release was done and blamed me for keeping Portuguese
projects in the shade. There were comments posted on some sites by them
and I got the blame by the local team about it.

I notified the local team informing them that I would contact the
website editors and ask for comment removal but I gave up as I was under
fire for both sides. (This was also reported to the mentors and local
organizers including on the #battlemesh channel and Mr Wunderlich)

The lack of transparency and ethics of a couple people of the local team
embarrassed me and made me look really bad. These emails just finished me.

Upon seeing the published video on that unknown youtube channel I
noticed I said something by mistake that should not have been said and
can get me legal problems so I contacted that youtube channel on the
weekend to have my presentation edited or taken down.
I GOT NO REPLY! again.

I sent a youtube complain and notice to the channel and I got NO REPLY.
Then filed a legal claim and got a poor reply from youtube that advised
me to take specific actions (which I have been working on).

Until today none from team have made any effort to finish online media
work. None of them ever replied me and I lost will to keep this quiet
for longer.

What I am suppose to think or do ? Frustration ? NO doubt!
Immaturity? Really Mr Leocádio ? If you work hard months to do something
you are proud to do and last minute someone strips you down for that
moment what will you do ?

I communicated with the local team everything I was doing. I was ignored
in some things, put behind in others, not given importance for others.
When confronted 2 times, Mr Teixeira said and i quote "oh i must have
missed that email".

I tried to communicate with Mr Teixeira who OWES me an apology for all
this. If he had other ideas about the stream why doing what was done at
last minute ?

Given something said during my presentation and the way I was treated I
did not allow or have allowed ever since that youtube channel to publish me.

There are 3 ways to solve this problem:
By the owner of that youtube channel
And legally 2 others being one n.º 95/2003 - Right to image / article
199.º as well as others

Since things have gone this far I can now make a legal case with this

Please also read:
http://ml.ninux.org/pipermail/battlemesh/2016-July/005132.html which i
sent yesterday to avoid these problems to other people.
I will not publish anything that identifies INESC and or related people
regardless of consent.

This is also the reason why I have not publish anything so far including
my pdf presentation.

After this email hit the list, I will no longer be part of it. Feel free
to bully me on IRC or and social media as before but given the given the
circumstances all this went, what would you feel in my shoes.

I will try to contact Mr Teixeira one last time and then you guys win.

Please respect me as I leave. At least at that moment. It is enough that
I am even attacked by my own name and email used. That hits a new low
standard. Please.

Site: http://wirelesspt.net

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