[Battlemesh-test] First commit

p4u pau at dabax.net
Tue Jan 15 13:38:29 CET 2013

I have created a repository in my git account but I would like to 
transfer it to the battlemesh one, however I have not enough rights.


If you take a quick look in the repository you will see it is an 
openwrt feed (take a look in HOWTO).
So it can be added from any openwrt buildroot.

I created a package named "wbm-testbed" which includes a Makefile with 
some dependencies and a files directory with
some (very few for the moment) data.

There is a config file placed on /etc/config/wbm which contains some 
options, for instance the IP ranges used for the node.

There is a small library in /etc/wbm/lib/ which contains some useful 
functions, for instance to access UCI.
I think we should try to avoid the direct calls to the commands such 
as: uci get network.ifname
We should use an abstraction layer such as: wbm_uci_get network.ifname
So the library must be increased with more functions.

In /etc/wbm/protos there will be a script file for each protocol, for 
instance "batadv.sh" which will configure Batman-adv in
the system according to the options passed by parameter, such as:

protos/batadv.sh dev=wlan0 dev=eth0 ipv6=fdfe:0000:0001:EEFF::/64

I think we should use IPv6 as first option and later on if somebody 
wants to add a legacy support for IPv4, he is welcome.
For IPv6 we can use VLAN tags as explained here 
Link local addresses to communicate the directly connected neighbors 
(to let protocols discover each others).
And ULA IPv6 ranges to reach the routed mesh nodes.




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