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Simon Wunderlich simon.wunderlich at s2003.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Jan 16 09:12:27 CET 2013


I added you to the "owners" team, that should give you full rights over
creating repos as you need.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 01:04:34AM +0100, p4u wrote:
> I do not want access to "openwrt-packages". This repository is a
> fork of the main
> OpenWRT packages repository.
> I want another repo named "wbm-packages" as you can see in my github
> account.
> To do so I must transfer this repo from my account to the battlemesh
> one and to do
> so I need to be git administrator.
> The other way is: you create the repo, give me perms and then I copy
> the code from
> my repo to this repo. However with this method the commits history
> will be lost. But
> anyway there are very few so it should not be a problem.
> Cheers
> ./p4u
> On 15/01/13 22:58, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
> >Hey Pau,
> >
> >thanks a lot for your work!
> >
> >On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 01:38:29PM +0100, p4u wrote:
> >>Hi.
> >>I have created a repository in my git account but I would like to
> >>transfer it to the battlemesh one, however I have not enough rights.
> >Hmm, you are part of the battlemesh team "Contributors" on github, who
> >are supposed to have push + pull access to battlemesh/openwrt-packages
> >repo. I just "publicized" your membership, although this should make
> >no difference.
> >
> >Any suggestions? I've got administration access so I can change rights,
> >but it looks like you should have access already.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >	Simon
> >>https://github.com/p4u/battlemesh-packages
> >>
> >>If you take a quick look in the repository you will see it is an
> >>openwrt feed (take a look in HOWTO).
> >>So it can be added from any openwrt buildroot.
> >>
> >>I created a package named "wbm-testbed" which includes a Makefile
> >>with some dependencies and a files directory with
> >>some (very few for the moment) data.
> >>
> >>There is a config file placed on /etc/config/wbm which contains some
> >>options, for instance the IP ranges used for the node.
> >>
> >>There is a small library in /etc/wbm/lib/ which contains some useful
> >>functions, for instance to access UCI.
> >>I think we should try to avoid the direct calls to the commands such
> >>as: uci get network.ifname
> >>We should use an abstraction layer such as: wbm_uci_get network.ifname
> >>So the library must be increased with more functions.
> >>
> >>In /etc/wbm/protos there will be a script file for each protocol,
> >>for instance "batadv.sh" which will configure Batman-adv in
> >>the system according to the options passed by parameter, such as:
> >>
> >>protos/batadv.sh dev=wlan0 dev=eth0 ipv6=fdfe:0000:0001:EEFF::/64
> >>
> >>I think we should use IPv6 as first option and later on if somebody
> >>wants to add a legacy support for IPv4, he is welcome.
> >>For IPv6 we can use VLAN tags as explained here
> >>http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV6/Firmware
> >>Link local addresses to communicate the directly connected neighbors
> >>(to let protocols discover each others).
> >>And ULA IPv6 ranges to reach the routed mesh nodes.
> >>
> >>
> >>Cheers
> >>
> >>--
> >>./p4u
> >>_______________________________________________
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> >>Battlemesh-test at ml.ninux.org
> >>http://ml.ninux.org/mailman/listinfo/battlemesh-test
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