[Battlemesh] cheap "battle-mesh" hardware with up to 4 wifi interfaces

Markus Kittenberger Markus.Kittenberger at gmx.at
Mon Oct 11 13:47:15 CEST 2010


i just came around this device

http://hackaday.com/2010/07/17/openwrt-on-a-seagate-freeagent-dockstar/ (or
some other linux,.. )

for ~ 25€ you get gbit lan + 4 usb 2.0 ports + 1200Mhz of armv5 cpu + 128MB
ram + enough flash.

And as cheap (linux supported) usb-wifis start below 5€
you could get a complete setup with 4 wifis at ~40€ in total!


p.s. some cheap wifis: (based on rt3070 #1)


other (imho a bit more expensive) options are ar9271 #2 based usb sticks, or
maybe rtl8192 (like edimax EW-7811Un)

p.p.s an rp-sma antenna-socket makes an usb-stick much more "useable"
and such sticks do not cost much more:


or the ar9271 based TP-Link

#1 rt3070 i did already run myself on armv5 hardware (an edimax EW-771Usn on
a netusg20)

#2 i did only use/try on x86 an not on arm, as my TP Link WN722N just draws
too much power, to keep me interested *G
but as ath9k_htc supports this chipset there should`t be much problems to
use it on a dock-star,..
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