[Battlemesh] Test on OpenVZ

Robert Wuttke flash at jpod.cc
Tue Oct 26 19:15:03 CEST 2010


On Tue, 26 Oct 2010 16:50:16 +0200
"L. Aaron Kaplan" <aaron at lo-res.org> wrote:

> I am afraid I gave this idea to Benjamin some years ago at a CCC.
> I was running UML based virtual machines with a virtual network for
> some time now I am in the course of switching to KVM (yes, more
> overhead with KVM).
> One puzzle piece I am still missing is some good and easy way to
> define packet loss and delays on virtual network connections.
> A second puzzle piece is to have a script to transform an existing
> topology (dot format as in the dot_draw plugin for example) to a
> virtual network setup. But I think I have the idea for it now (thx
> Henning).

I'm using VDE (Virtual Distributed Ethernet) for this. Using VDE's
wirefilter, it is possible to define packet loss and delay (among
other characteristics).
I also have some python-scripts which read either the
olsr-txt-plugin-output or a dot-file and transform this into a
virtual network.

VDE's wirefilter has an integer-overflow-bug for which we at Fraunhofer
FOKUS developed a patch (which is yet to be submitted to VDE).

Currently, I'm supporting UML-images but KVM is on the todo-list with a
pretty high priority ;)

I have to clean up the source a bit and then I'll submit a link to the
project page.

> Otherwise, things are running in virtual simulation land :)
> a.


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