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Albert Homs i Gall alberthoms at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 11:05:36 CET 2011

I write you on behalf of the battemesh organization, hosted in this 4th
version by guifi.net open network

What is it?
The wireless battle mesh is a kind-of a tournament between open source mesh
routing protocols. Previous events had been a very productive meetings where
developers, networking activists, academics shared knowledge. Protocols also
improved in every event, since developers are looking at a real mesh network
usage they can solve bugs, test new implementations and use others ideas and
so improve their protocols

Where is it?
This v4 will take place near Barcelona form the 16th to the 20th of march

Who will be there?
We expect for this event about 50 people, mostly from european countries.
They are openwrt developers, mesh routing protocols developers, networking
academics and students and open networks activists. In addition during the
weekend the guifi.net yearly event will take place in the same venue and we
expect for this about 50 to 100 people more

How it works?
During the first days developers get their packages ready to be installed on
the devices to be deployed. Now we use near a 100 foneras using openwrt as
main software. After all the devices are ready they are deployed all over
the testing area and some test are performed: packet loss, bandwith
available, routing loops detection...
After all the tests are made results are analyzed and shared to the
comunnity and one protocol wins (or not) since it performs better than

Why we need your help?
Mainly for two reasons:
1-. Travel budget: we would like to share this event with people from
outside Europe, but as you will suppose travel expenses prevents people from
getting to the event. It'll be very kind if you cover part of this costs
2-. Hardware: we use mainly fonera since it's a very cheap hardware but
needless to say that those devices are really outdated. Since your hardware
had proven to be really good and reliable and quite openwrt-friendly it'll
be a really good chance to stress them up and see how they perform. A
donation of several of your devices (picostation's or similar) would be of
great help

Why it will useful for you?
For several reasons:
1-. Since all the code used is FOSS you'll have a real benchmark and it'll
be easier to decide if it's worth implementing some of it to your devices
2-. Since big part of the world's community networks will be present your
help will be a great marketing operation between these early adopters and
encourage their networks to use more off your stuff
3-. Your FOSS helper reputation will increase
4-. Some folks will discover your existence (if's there is still someone
that doesn't know your devices :P)
5-. Internet visibility when your collaboration is spread all over in blogs,
social networks, web sites and so on

Where can you get more info?
At the event site www.battlemesh.org
At wbm4 at exo.cat
By phone +34622179026

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