[Battlemesh] So far we have received the money transfer from the following people.

David david at exo.cat
Thu Jan 27 18:41:34 CET 2011

>>> the list are:
>>> Antonio Quatulli.
>>> And 50eur more but at the moment I do not have the sender's name.

The name is Vincent Gross

>>> I will tell when I get the information from the bank.
> @David, the following people gave me cash last December (this morning
> i'll put the money into EXO's account)
> Axel Neumann
> Simon Wunderlich
> Nico from Paris
> Sandb from Brussels
> Marek Linder
> Roger Baig

>> I am also gathering the money in Rome. At the moment we have 150 euros.
> @Clauz, good! thanks for taking care of that!

Pangea, internet solidari.

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