[Battlemesh] Wireless Battle Mesh v4 - Call for papers

Marek Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Wed Jan 26 12:36:37 CET 2011


> What about a talk where a member of each communtiy presents his/her
> community in about 10/15 minutes?
> Ramon Roca, one of the guifi.net founders, has already offered to give
> the guifi.net's presentation, so I start a list with
> community/speaker:
> 1-. guifi.net / Ramon Roca

a short 10 minutes presentation of each community could be part of the "WBM at 
SAX" talk you suggested. Each community could explain where they are coming 
from / what they are doing / why they join the WBM / etc. That way this talk 
presents a multitude of aspects.  :-)

IMHO the guifi.net talk merits more than 10/15 minutes ...


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