[Battlemesh] Wireless Battle Mesh v5 - Next steps

Xavier Carcelle xavier.carcelle at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 11:10:53 CEST 2011

Hi Nico and batlemesh folks,

yes it's time to think of next event and Greece seems a good location
as we discussed it.

> Hi everyone,
> I hope everybody had good time during summer, now it is time to start
> organizing our next gathering. Following the various discussions we had at
> the WBMv4, we should finalize our plans and agree on "some" remaining
> details, like:
>  - date
>  - location
>  - roadmap / agenda
>  - participants
>  - call for papers
>  - logo / advertising
>  - battle?
> As always, we are looking for help on each of these items and probably other
> items we didn't think of.
+ hardware
+ scenario of tests
> During the last WBMv4, we started exploring the idea of having the WBMv5 in
> Athens, Greece. We've been contacting various people to find the support on
> the ground we need. Before making it official, Marek, Roger, Pau and I will
> be visiting Athens in late September (from 23th to 26th). Feel free to join
> us if you are in the area. In any event, we will send an update after these
> meetings.
Who will you visit there ? There is the guys from the
wireless/networking eshop Aerial.net that are in Athens (I believe)
that can be sponsoring/good to meet there.
> Regarding the date, we agreed on targeting March 2012. Is someone willing to
> handle finding a precise start and ending? (a doodle poll like last time?)
I will handle that so you guys can handle a date while discussing with
the Athens wireless folks.
> Regarding the logo, IIRC Mitar volunteered to come up with a new one.
> Regarding the advertising, I think Saverio already has prepared promo
> material. What else should we do?
> Any ideas, thoughts, comments and/or flame-wars are welcome.
> BTW, Pietr, IIIRC you took notes during the opening panel discussion last
> time. Feel free to share the notes / links with us ;)
Yes during our opening talk with Marek, ptr was rapidly taking some
notes on the wiki/pastebin of the discussions we had to improve next

σας ευχαριστώ
> Cheers,
> --
> Nico & Marek
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