[Battlemesh] Google talks about Ninux :-)

Federico Capoano federico at nemesisdesign.net
Tue Apr 3 11:21:03 CEST 2012


    /"On March 15th about 30 students participated in the Google Summer
    of Code info session held at Fusolab in Rome, Italy by Ninux.org.
    Some of the students were well known in the local community and have
    been participating in the development of open source software, while
    others were excited to start working on open source. There's always
    a first time to work on open source software development and we
    think Google Summer of Code is the best occasion to do it! A few of
    the students were slightly concerned about the overlap between the
    program and their exams in July but the mentors explained that with
    careful and realistic planning delivering a successful project is
    definitely achievable./

    /Ninux.org is an Italian wireless community whose primary goal is to
    build a community of skilled people that participate in building
    open and decentralized wireless networks in the Italian peninsula
    for experimental purposes. For us the Google Summer of Code has been
    a great way to attract new promising and talented minds in our
    community. Many of the students that participated in previous years
    are still contributing, hacking and experimenting with new
    technologies with us./

    /We hope to contribute in forming the new generation that will push
    forward the open source philosophy applied to real life in our
    country. We believe the open source philosophy is the best approach
    in solving many of the issues in our society, so we put effort in
    applying it not only to software, but also to all our other
    activities. Collaborate, teach, learn and share. The Future is Now!"/

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