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Albert Homs i Gall alberthoms at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 23:55:01 CEST 2012

I forward this message from the guys of the FNF because they talk about an
openhardware router. SInce there plenty of brilliant people in this list
many some of you migth be interested

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Date: 2012/4/13
Subject: Quarterly Report
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Isaac Wilder here, Exectuve Director of the Free Network Foundation. I
wanted to let you know that we recently posted our quarterly review for the
first part of 2012 <http://freenetworkfoundation.org/?p=697>. It details
what we've accomplished over the last three months, and gives some idea of
where we're headed in the next quarter. Briefly, we made significant
technological and organizational progress, and are gearing up for the first
full build-out of our network architecture this spring and summer. In
addition to building a network here in Kansas City, we plan to stengthen
our collaboration with the folks at
support the development of a completely open router <http://rooter.is/>,
and formalize our ideas for the governance of networks.

In order to continue our work as engineers, educators, and advocates, we
need your help.  We ask that you support the foundation with a monthly
donation - commiting to a small, monthly contribution helps us cover
overhead, manage cashflow, and grow in a way that is sustainable and
resilient. This is a unique opportunity to make a real and lasting
contribution towards justice and liberty in our society. The moment for
action is upon us, and your support at this critical juncture will be
amplified greatly by the coming course of events. Take your stand for
humanity. <https://www.wepay.com/donations/195763>

I want also to take this opportunity to explain the status of our various
mailing lists. You are recieving this e-mail as a recipient of a list that
we call 'announce' - a one-way newsletter about the work of the FNF. It
became apparent several months ago that our previous mail system was
inadequate - we shut down our 'discuss' mailing list, and have moved its
subscribership to this list. (Many of you had not realized that you were
signing up for a discussion list.) We're pleased to announce today that
'discuss' is coming back online. If you'd like to be a part of our
community, we encourage you to sign up

We thank you for your support. If you have any questions, you can find us
in the forum <http://freenetworkfoundation.org/?page_id=683>, write to
discuss at freenetworkfoundation.org<discuss at freenetworkfoundation.org?subject=FNF%20Newsletter%20Response>,
or contact us directly <http://freenetworkfoundation.org/?page_id=75>.

Onwards, always,

Isaac Wilder and the FNF team

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