[Battlemesh] WBMv6 second option: Aalborg, Denmark

Martin Hundebøll martin at hundeboll.net
Mon Apr 30 09:23:30 CEST 2012

Hi All

As you might be aware, my colleagues and I would also like to invite you all to Aalborg for the next battlemesh. Like Michel, I have have some thoughts and ideas about the plans for a battelmesh in Aalborg:

*Warm Up*
100 km south of Aalborg, we have one of the oldest wireless communities in Europe: DjurslandS.net. Since 2000, they have provided cheap internet access to rural areas in the region and from what I heard in the media, they are considering to start on GSM as well. We should go there to meet and see how they operate.

The battlemesh will take place in the university campus. We will allocate a few seminar rooms and have access to both the buildings and internet around the clock. For the accommodation, we will try to make a "Nefeli" and make a group reservation on one of the local hotels. If some would rather save the hotel-costs, we can provide a room and madrasses on campus (we also have showers, etc.).

Also, we should pay a visit to hal9k (the local hackerspace), DE-klubben (the departments studentbar), Jomfru Ane Gade (the disco street) and more. With regard to food, we will arrange "breakfeast" and dinner on campus, while you will probably have to buy lunch in the canteen. Off course there will be unlimited coffee :)

I don't know how to choose between Ibiza and Aalborg, but I guess we will figure something out :) I am looking forward to seeing you all again!

Kind Regards
Martin Hundebøll
Frederiks Allé 99A, 1.th
8000 Aarhus C
+45 61 65 54 61
martin at hundeboll.net

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