[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v5 tests

Clauz clauz at ninux.org
Tue Mar 6 15:24:47 CET 2012

On 03/06/2012 01:09 PM, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
>>> In the "Convergence Time" test, you need to clarify what you mean by
>>> "turn off" -- that could mean switching the radio on/off, restarting the
>>> routing daemon, or rebooting the node.  (All of our routing protocols
>>> keep state across a link outage, and Babel keeps state between daemon
>>> restarts -- a Babel node that has lost its persistent state can take up
>>> to three minutes to reinsert itself into the mesh.)
>> What I have in mind is powering off (and then back on) the node.
> Babel nodes that lose their seqno may take up to 200 seconds to rejoin
> the network; hence this test doesn't make much sense for Babel.
> Once again, I have no objection if you penalise Babel for that in the
> competition, but I'd be grateful if you could run a test that makes
> sense for Babel in addition to the standardised test.  I suggest either
> ifdown/ifup of the radio interface, or shutting down and restarting the
> babeld daemon cleanly (so that /var/lib/babel-state is preserved).

The test tries to mimic what happens in real community networks, where
complete hardware reboots (due to power outages, people just plugging
everything out of the socket and back in when things don't work, etc.)
are much more common than interface or daemon restarts...

The tests were thought with a "real community network problems" point of
view in mind. If we want to move to a "protocol-fair" point of view,
then I will definitely have to rethink most of them! :)


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