[Battlemesh] Wireless Battlemesh?

Frank de Brabander brabander at fox-it.com
Wed Mar 21 10:18:44 CET 2012


I'm sorry to hear about the discussions that started about my presence at
BattleMesh. Since there are a number of BattleMesh attendees that feel
strongly anti-military, I unfortunately no longer feel comfortable
attending because of any possible hostility.

Instead I will start a discussion on the OLSR mailing list about what i've
done and the current status, including the location at GitHub. My hope is
that this will start an on-topic discussion about the OLSR additions and
an useful new feature for every user of OLSR.

Frank de Brabander

On 21-03-12 08:54, "Ferry Huberts" <ferry.huberts at pelagic.nl> wrote:

>On 27-02-12 15:15, L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
>> Hi Ferry and Hans Christoph!
>> Markus and me and Henning will meet at the Wireless Battle-mesh in
>>Athens in March
>> (www.battlemesh.org).
>> We would like to have a meeting and hackathon of OLSR.org developers.
>> When?   26 Mar - 01 Apr 2012
>> Where:  Athens, Greece
>> For details about accommodation, the location etc. please visit the
>>web-page above.
>> The main idea of meeting at the Wireless Battle-mesh is to have lots of
>>exchange amongst the developers and to try out new things (as well as
>>discover and fix some annoying bugs).
>> As such, it has always been an extremely productive meeting. I would
>>love to see you there.
>> Aaron.
>Because of the discussions about 'military', I've changed my flight back
>to be on Thursday so I will only be on Battlemesh Tuesday and Wednesday.
>I feel very uncomfortable about this whole situation, but would very
>much still like to meet with all of you.
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>The Netherlands
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