[Battlemesh] WBM V6 Ibiza & Formentera

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About Denmark i think we should ask the ones who proposed this idea for
more information. Throughout the last conversation (in Greece) there were
many good points about it and i would like to see them all in a more
concrete and organised proposal.

About the spirit of the event I think we need to here the "definition" from
the ones who started it so the newies such as myself can understand it
better. What is the original culture and goal? How relevant is it to the
event now?

Lastly about the new location for WBM I think we need to define what our
priorities and out minimum needs are.

We need a venue for sure, a low cost place to sleep, transportation from
the airport to be availiable etc. And, most importantly, we need a team to
feel responsible to organise it.

What about the priorities?
Is our priority to have crazy wirelless projects? Is our priority to have
fun? Is our priority to get bonded as a team? Is our priority to be cost
effective? Is our priority to get some results out of the WBMv6?

There are many nice ideas and many wonderfull places around the world. But,
in my opinion, we need to set what we are looking for.

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> > I think he meant Denmark.
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> yes I meant Denmark !
> Saverio
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