[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v6 conclusions

Ufo ufo at rund.freifunk.net
Sat Aug 3 01:06:43 CEST 2013

Am 31.07.13 21:45, schrieb NicoEchániz:

> Information on what was happening during each test should be somewhere
> else :)

oh, we have a laptop-cam videorecording :-)

the final talk about the tests i was also recording, but i still have to 
search for that seperate audiorecordings and mix that together.. so we 
could here something.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C3Exd1KF1Q

i also have recorded all batman-adv json output data (and the json-data 
for ffmap). with an timestep of 3-7 seconds :-o

(when you see 5 zip-files.. my upload is complete.. be careful when 
unzipping, maybe starting with the first file...)

i will make some script / ffmap-tweaking at some time, so we could see 
the whole battlemesh week in a nice timelapse. ffmap with webbrowser...

and, someone could have a search for that timestamps (when that tests 
were done) and make nice topo graphs about that running testconditions 
like that, in better quality:

Am 30.07.13 11:58, schrieb Pau:
 > It means volunteers are welcome! :)

p.s. so battlemesh v6 conclusions are still going on, testbed is still 

i will report in another thread.
testbed is connected to freifunk intercity vpn and dn42 network. yes 
maybe ipv6, still the same way as in aalborg..

p.p.s. try 
please ask me for openvpn access if you want to have.
Freifunk Leipzig http://leipzig.freifunk.net

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