[Battlemesh] [BATMAN IV] DAT issue

Fernando Pizarro feanpg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 13:13:24 CEST 2013

Hi all!

I'm playing with OpenWRT and BATMAN advance and I had configured one 
essid to serve dynamic vlans via freeradius reply attributes.

I have a bridge (br0) with bat0, wireless and ethernet interface, and 
hostapd creates a new bridge by vlan (brvlanX) with vlanX and wlan1.X 
succefully. Br0 has configured a VLAN and IP to connect with every other 
nodes. There is the same explanation, but schematic:


phy0 -> wlan0 -> bat0
phy1 -> wlan1 -> wlan1.1
                      \ --> wlan1.N

Hostapd bridge:

wlan1 -> brvlan1 -> {wlan1.1; vlan1}
        \ --> brvlanN -> {wlan1.N; vlanN}

Ethernet bridge:

br0 -> {bat0; eth0; wlan1}
    \ --> br0.X == IP/NETMASK

When I look at batman dat table there aren't any registry, but variuos 
stations are connected. Why is that? What's wrong in my config?

Thanks a lot.

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