[Battlemesh] fighting some mesh related patents?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 20:53:02 CEST 2013

I don't read patents as a rule...

... but I was just informed that the eff is attempting to engage with
defeating 3 overbroad mesh related - and newly filed - patents. So if
anyone has any prior art that can help here, here's a link to what the
EFF is up to:


Beating patent #7035281 took 3 years, and far more of my time than I
wanted to give it, and millions of dollars (thankfully not mine). I
strongly feel I've done enough time in that barrel.  (I get nervous
today even reading a paper on a technology that was ultimately
patented, and we tried really hard to make sure codel went out the
door unpatented and unpatentable. Lawyers scare me)

I have been meaning to write up the successful conclusion to that
7035281 story (
before the lawyers read slashot ) since litigation was completed a
year or so back, but at the prospect of sorting through a 12 foot high
stack of documents and the judge's basis for the decision is too

I AM encouraged that the US patent system has this newfangled
pre-review process and if anyone has a suggestion as to what I can and
can't legally read in the US anymore without inducing liabilities I'd
love to know.

In the meantime perhaps there's prior art in the mesh community to
help out the EFF. (please contact them directly). My fear is that much
of the work has taken place outside of the US, and in forms that the
patent office doesn't consider as useful prior art.

Dave Täht

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