[Battlemesh] recommendations for 40Km Link

NicoEchániz nicoechaniz at altermundi.net
Sat Jun 22 15:59:32 CEST 2013

On 06/17/2013 06:37 AM, Pau wrote:
> There exist also the Titanium product line of Ubiquiti which in theory
> isolates the radio and the electronics from the environment
> interferences. But I have never tested it.
> The best man I ever met to ask about such topics is Ermanno
> Pietrosemoli, I'm sure he will be glad to help you. He has the current
> WiFi long shot record (something arround 380KM). This article is from
> 2007, a little old but can give you an idea [1].
> If you don't find the mail to conntact him I can give you the one I have.

Pau, thanks for the suggestion. And thanks everyone for your answers.


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