[Battlemesh] Battlemesh Network is still online - in Leipzig

ufo at rund.freifunk.net ufo at rund.freifunk.net
Thu May 23 18:37:47 CEST 2013

in order to prepare the next-years Battlemesh most parts of the 
Testbed-network are still online, devided into 3 parts:

* Leipzig S├╝dvorstadt: http://battlemesh.rund.freifunk.net/ffmap/
accessable the same way as in aalborg hotel (ipv4/ipv6)

* Leipzig Conne Island: http://battlemesh.rund.freifunk.net/ffmapc/
accessable via
ssh -p 222 root at vpn4.leipzig.freifunk.net
and then ssh
you will reach node #ed38 (aka toposerver, a tplink 3040)

* Leipzig sublab Hackerspace: only two nodes at the moment
accessable via ssh (maybe first login to one of the other 
parts of network, above-mentioned)

so we can make further tests :-)

please dont change running nodes too much, we made some changes 
(usb-wifi in Accesspoint-Mode is bridged to bat1, so smartphones can use 
that ipv4/ipv6) for layer8 tests.

i wrote some battlemesh tickets, so please help solving some of that 
bugs and of course, features:

greetings, UFO

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