[Battlemesh] Poster 0.4 (RC)

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Sun Feb 9 16:19:09 CET 2014

Hey Federico,

> Hey guys,
> here's the poster:
> http://static.nemesisdesign.net/battlemesh/poster-0.4.png

looks very nice, thanks for your work!

Just two little remarks, could we have "Sublab / Leipzig / Germany" or 
something like that in the second line? I think the location of the event is 
not really clear in the poster (OK, it's in the logo, but ...). I'm thinking 
about the case if the poster is printed and hanging somewhere (e.g. in an 
university in Spain), someone who doesn't know the event would wonder where it 
is. :) Also we could add http:// or www. in front of the 3rd text line, but 
that's just for the oldschoolers who don't recognize it as an URL on first 
sight. :)


> sorry for the delay, I would have liked to finish it the first days of
> february but I couldn't.
> Hope you like it.
> Have your saybut quickly..
> @aaron: sorry I had to edit the OLSR logo because I couldn't fit it well
> with the other routing protocols. Let me know if that is not ok
> @libremesh: that line on the left is also a bit hard to handle, I would
> consider a simplified version (handy for these type of cases) of your
> logo for the future
> Get ready to publish the endorsements on your websites!

I'll prepare the BATMAN/open-mesh.org endorsement later today!

Thanks a lot,

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