[Battlemesh] Poster 0.4 (RC)

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Sun Feb 9 18:37:16 CET 2014

Hey Federico,

> Hey,
> On 02/09/2014 04:19 PM, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
> > Hey Federico,
> > 
> >> Hey guys,
> >> 
> >> here's the poster:
> >> http://static.nemesisdesign.net/battlemesh/poster-0.4.png
> > 
> > looks very nice, thanks for your work!
> > 
> > Just two little remarks, could we have "Sublab / Leipzig / Germany" or
> > something like that in the second line? I think the location of the event
> > is not really clear in the poster (OK, it's in the logo, but ...). I'm
> > thinking about the case if the poster is printed and hanging somewhere
> > (e.g. in an university in Spain), someone who doesn't know the event
> > would wonder where it is. :) Also we could add http:// or www. in front
> > of the 3rd text line, but that's just for the oldschoolers who don't
> > recognize it as an URL on first sight. :)
> I see what you mean. I explained why I simplified the poster in a
> previous email.
> I re-paste:
> "I eliminated the address of Sublab because as we have more logos it's
> started to look crowded, then I thought what it is not necessary
> according to our goals? Our goal is not to put this poster on walls
> around the city before the event, rather it's just a promotion thing
> that we'll show on webpages and  hopefully at the event, so the address
> is not necessary. Less is more!"

sorry, I did not follow the other threads properly ... yeah, you have 
announced that before. I don't think that the whole address is needed anyway, 
just the Cityname/country would be sufficient. That would still be useful even 
on webpages IMHO. But we can keep it as is if that's better for the overall 

> If we need a version to put in universities and other places I will have
> to adapt it (more info on location, address, website, ecc.), but are we
> sure is going to be effective?

Probably not, you are right that putting that into websites/blogs would be the 
most effective place (although having a print-out option is nice too).

> Regarding the third line, I could add www. easily, but have you noticed
> that the wording inside the submarine does not have www. or http:// ? It
> would be a slight inconsitency, but if you are sure it would be useful
> I'll add it. Let me know.

It's just my suggestion, and you are right about the inconsistency. You're the 
artist, I'll leave the final decision to you, I'm fine with it either way. :)


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