[Battlemesh] designing logo each year VS permanent identity

fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Mon Feb 10 12:33:33 CET 2014

Am 09.02.14 23:09, schrieb Nemesis:
> I launch a proposal for the future: is it really worth it to use so much
> time each year designing logos and stuff?
> Why don't we crowdfund a cool design (logo & website design) for our
> community and use that as a base for every year?
> We could spend more of our free time in promoting the event, organizing
> talks, look for sponsors/funding... we would also subtract any of this
> responsibility from local organizers who can focus on what is most
> important: accommodation, food, logistics, local promotion... let's see
> Advantages:
>   * clear identity which becomes recognizable
>   * international volunteers can focus on promotion and talks
>   * local volunteers can focus on logistics
>   * professionally designed identity and website is a gain in credibility
> Disadvantages
>   * costs money
>   * no personalized logo based on the city hosting the event
> In my opinion, if we could overcome the money issue, we could easily let
> go of personalized logos and colors each year as they don't bring much
> value to the event (in terms of contents and participants) compared to
> the amount of work they require.
> Think about it. We could discuss about it at the event if you think it's
> worth it.
> Federico
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I think a permanent identity including logo and webdesign is a great 
idea. I'm not a great designer but I would really like to work on that 
during WBMv7 because I think it's important and saves a lot of time in 
the future.

A more simplistic (maybe monochrome) logo and webdesign that can be 
freshly colored every year could look very nice without much additional 

By changing a few CSS lines and coloring the logo the website would be 
ready for the next Battlemesh.


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