[Battlemesh] designing logo each year VS permanent identity

fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Mon Feb 10 13:14:46 CET 2014

Am 10.02.14 11:15, schrieb Simon Wunderlich:
> Hey Federico,
> just my two cents on the proposal: personally I like the fact that we have a
> different logo every time - it's part of the identity of the battlemesh. For
> the website, we are doing changes each year to fit it to the environment
> (travel info, hosting info, agenda etc) so the wiki format is quite good. It
> might not be the most beautiful page on the net, but it's easy for people to
> access and everyone can make changes - we should definitely be able to keep
> that.
> So even if we save the time for the logo, I don't know how much we safe
> regarding the website. We can discuss that at the WBM of course, if you have a
> good idea how to pull that - if we find someone who wants to do that for money
> (which is certainly possible), we need to supervise that too and be able to
> make changes on our own in the future. :)
> Cheers,
>      Simon
>> I launch a proposal for the future: is it really worth it to use so much
>> time each year designing logos and stuff?
>> Why don't we crowdfund a cool design (logo & website design) for our
>> community and use that as a base for every year?
>> We could spend more of our free time in promoting the event, organizing
>> talks, look for sponsors/funding... we would also subtract any of this
>> responsibility from local organizers who can focus on what is most
>> important: accommodation, food, logistics, local promotion... let's see
>> Advantages:
>>    * clear identity which becomes recognizable
>>    * international volunteers can focus on promotion and talks
>>    * local volunteers can focus on logistics
>>    * professionally designed identity and website is a gain in credibility
>> Disadvantages
>>    * costs money
>>    * no personalized logo based on the city hosting the event
>> In my opinion, if we could overcome the money issue, we could easily let
>> go of personalized logos and colors each year as they don't bring much
>> value to the event (in terms of contents and participants) compared to
>> the amount of work they require.
>> Think about it. We could discuss about it at the event if you think it's
>> worth it.
>> Federico
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I don't think the website needs to be super sophisticated nor expensive. 
Just a basic, clean design.

Regarding logo I think the more simplistic it is the better it could be 
adapted to a specific location. Maybe like the following approach but 
just less complex: 

The look and feel of the website could gain a lot of attractiveness by 
switching from a Wiki backend to a CMS backend. I know this is a big 
change but the content would still be manageable from different persons 
or groups.

I would be willing to spend most of my time during WBMv7 on this task. 
But I might need help from somebody that is more experienced in webdesign.

For brainstorming on a logo a workshop with more participants would be 
very helpful.

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