[Battlemesh] Ronja optical data link. off topic?

ameba23 ameba23 at riseup.net
Thu Feb 13 09:40:04 CET 2014

I would like to invite somebody from the Ronja optical data link project to give a demonstration at Battlemesh.  Ronja is an open source hardware project, using modulated visible (or infrared) light, with 153 registered installations worldwide.  It is developed in Czech republic where it is deployed by ISPs as well as serveral community wireless networks, for example CZFree.net.  See http://ronja.twibright.com/installations.php

Although this does not relate directly to mesh routing protocols, I think it would be of interest to people, and since Leipzig is less than 200km from Czech it seems like a good opportunity to make links with this project. 

So let me know if anybody thinks it is too off-topic, and otherwise Ill email them inviting them to give a talk/demonstration of the hardware.   


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