[Battlemesh] our first serial + power remote management konsole is up and running

cmsv cmsv at wirelesspt.net
Sat Jul 5 21:28:57 CEST 2014

I would like to take a look if possible. Bellow is my ssh key


On 07/05/2014 02:22 PM, Ufo wrote:
> at sublab we finally installed our first router test station. and it can
> be controlled remotely, via ssh..
> so we can now test new firmwares and make tests without fearing to brick
> the device any more.. because power switching the test-device is
> possible, serial interface is plugged in and LAN + WAN for testdevice
> will work proper.
> i hope some developers will also take chance for analyzing stuff which
> cant be tested within small home testsetups.
> http://leipzig.freifunk.net/openwrt-remote-management-konsole/
> in the end its very easy to setup and physically there is only a need
> for a screwdriver. so i can recommend you building that on your own!
> please send me your ssh key via PM if you want to have a look! atm a
> tplink-841 is connected and you know the wifi noise at sublab is amazing
> :-)
> greetings, ufo
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