[Battlemesh] our first serial + power remote management konsole is up and running

Ufo ufo at rund.freifunk.net
Sat Jul 5 20:22:50 CEST 2014

at sublab we finally installed our first router test station. and it can 
be controlled remotely, via ssh..
so we can now test new firmwares and make tests without fearing to brick 
the device any more.. because power switching the test-device is 
possible, serial interface is plugged in and LAN + WAN for testdevice 
will work proper.
i hope some developers will also take chance for analyzing stuff which 
cant be tested within small home testsetups.


in the end its very easy to setup and physically there is only a need 
for a screwdriver. so i can recommend you building that on your own!

please send me your ssh key via PM if you want to have a look! atm a 
tplink-841 is connected and you know the wifi noise at sublab is amazing :-)

greetings, ufo

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