[Battlemesh] sarantaporo.gr wifi backbone implementation

Alexandros C. Couloumbis alex at ozo.com
Fri Jul 4 06:52:19 CEST 2014

Greetings to all,

to whom it may concern:

Yesterday at the presentation made @ hackerspace.gr of the wifi 
backbone implementation plans for the sarantaporo.gr along with the 
confine project, I was socked and disappointed to be informed that the 
wifi OS choice will be only RouterOS & AirOS

I would like to publicly ask on what criteria this choice was made 
excluding OpenWRT from the whole project.

Is there anything we, as the open source community, can do to make you 
reconsider your final choice?


please do forward this message to more appropriate places if you feel 

best regards,

Alexandros C. Couloumbis
openwrt.gr (acoul member)
openwrt.org (acoul hacker)
awmn.net (ozonet largest openwrt deployment)

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