[Battlemesh] battlemesh v6 test data postprocessing

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon May 12 20:34:49 CEST 2014

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 6:11 AM, Clauz <clauz at ninux.org> wrote:
> Dear battlemeshers,
> During this battlemesh I would like to post-process the data from
> Aalborg. I already produced some plots in the past days:
> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/netperf_test0/throughputintime.png
> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/netperf_test1/throughputintime.png
> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/netperf_test2/throughputintime.png
> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/netperf_test3/throughputintime.png
> Suggestions, feedback, questions and help are welcome, especially live
> at the event.

Have to admit these results don't make a lot of sense at this
granularity. Was diversity routing enabled
for the babel and batman results?

netperf-wrapper samples at .2ms
intervals and also does a ping measurement. This will generate data,
capturing the qdisc setup and other
underlying configuration (-x), disable
plotting on a log scale (--disable-log), output the sanest basic plot
for the test in whatever preferred format
you want (I like svgs as they have more detail), and take 5 minutes to
run. (70 seconds each). The output
can be post-processed to generate more/different/combined plots as well.



G=svg # or png
N="netperf-wrapper -x -l $LENGTH --disable-log -H "

for TEST in bmx batman olsr babel

do something to switch the underlying networks

$N $SERVER -p totals -o ${TEST}-upload.${G} -t $TEST tcp_upload
$N $SERVER -p totals -o ${TEST}-download.${G} -t $TEST tcp_download
$N $SERVER -p totals -o ${TEST}-bidir.${G}  -t $TEST tcp_bidirectional
$N $SERVER -p all_scaled -o ${TEST}-rrul.${G} -t $TEST rrul
$N $SERVER -p all_scaled -o ${TEST}-rrul_be.${G} -t $TEST rrul_be


# there is also a mixed server test suite (rtt_fair, rtt_fair4be), but
you need more servers
specified on the command line. There are also tests for different
tcps, if they are installed.
# This can also be done by specifying a batch file

> see you soon,
> Clauz
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