[Battlemesh] battlemesh v6 test data postprocessing

Clauz clauz at ninux.org
Tue May 13 12:24:17 CEST 2014

Hi, Simon.
Yes, sorry, I was writing the e-mail when they called my plane :)
We are talking about netperf-based measurements between randomly chosen
nodes, one routing protocol at a time.
I'll document as much as possible on the wiki, then let's see if the
measurements make sense.


On 05/12/2014 04:48 PM, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
> Hey Clauz,
> is there some more info on which tests are plotted here, scenario etc? They 
> are really colorful, but I don't know how to interpret them. :D Maybe we can 
> put these with some context into the wiki?
> Cheers,
>     Simon
>> Dear battlemeshers,
>> During this battlemesh I would like to post-process the data from
>> Aalborg. I already produced some plots in the past days:
>> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/netp
>> erf_test0/throughputintime.png
>> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/net
>> perf_test1/throughputintime.png
>> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/net
>> perf_test2/throughputintime.png
>> https://github.com/cl4u2/battlemeshv6_tests_postprocessing/blob/master/net
>> perf_test3/throughputintime.png
>> Suggestions, feedback, questions and help are welcome, especially live
>> at the event.
>> see you soon,
>> Clauz
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