[Battlemesh] Radical Networks Conference NYC - Call for Proposals

Sarah Grant lists at chootka.com
Fri Aug 7 13:51:01 CEST 2015

I would like to announce Radical Networks, a 2-day conference taking
place the weekend of 10/24-25 in NYC at NYU Poly in partnership with
Eyebeam (http://eyebeam.org/)!

Join us for two days of speakers, panels and workshops designed to
introduce the community to DIY networking. The conference will feature
talks and hands-on workshops that will take a critical look at wireless
networks and discuss the future of
alternative DIY networking.

The conference will be organized around the following questions and ideas:

To understand how the technology can be used as a method of control and
how to subvert that.

Teach people how to use networking technology for themselves.

Encourage creative and social exploration with computer networks.

Promoting free and open networks built with free and open hardware and

Decentralizing the control of where networks exist and what and whom are
served by them.

Maintaining control of our own content, hardware, and means of deployment.

Community and free expression first.

What would you do with your own network?
Why does it matter to understand how networks work?
Why do community networks matter?
How could free, open local networks benefit people?
What can networks be used for other than social networking and
commercial use?

This conference is for the community! Educators, artists, technologist,
students, and anyone interested in learning about how networks work are
invited to attend. http://radicalnetworks.org

If you would like to participate, the call for proposals is open and due
8/10/15, although we will most likely extend this deadline to 8/15.

Please submit if you would like to give a talk, hold a
panel discussion, demo some work, or teach a workshop. For more
information on how to submit, follow this link:

More information will be posted to the site, including a schedule and
confirmed speakers over the next few weeks.


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