[Battlemesh] WBM10 in France ?

Xavier Carcelle xavier.carcelle at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 14:12:43 CEST 2015

Dear battlemeshers,

the idea has been floating (not buffer floating ...) since some months
now and neither Nico nor me could make it (overload and family issues)
to Maribor for this current edition of the battlemesh to discuss this
option but I wanted to raise the flag here if possible : organizing
the 10th edition of the WBM in France and looping the event location
back to the original place (at least country) next year.

Of course Battlemesh has changed since the 40+ foneras1 and 2 deployed
around the tmplab hackerspace in Paris-Vitry testing babel, batman and
olsr at the same time using channels 1,6,11 and a simple version of
the mass flashing tool over 24-port switches having Nico building last
versions of package for the different routing protocols. Now
battlemesh is not only the same root event with hands-on testing of
different meshing protocols but also a place for community, hardware,
regulatory, standards talks and infrastructure issues.

At this time, we cannot confirm that we can host WBM10 in France but
we would like to keep the option with the help of the organizing core
team and have the next weeks to discuss the possibility with
dates/locations. More than 80 people are attending this current
edition and this number requires to think 100 people for 1 week with
needed place for testbed.

Thanks for keeping up this option and enjoy the final set of battle-meshing.


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