[Battlemesh] WBM10 in France ?

Marek Lindner mareklindner at neomailbox.ch
Fri Aug 7 21:18:49 CEST 2015

Dear battlemesh fathers!

> At this time, we cannot confirm that we can host WBM10 in France but
> we would like to keep the option with the help of the organizing core
> team and have the next weeks to discuss the possibility with
> dates/locations. More than 80 people are attending this current
> edition and this number requires to think 100 people for 1 week with
> needed place for testbed.

Thanks a lot for this mail. Timing was impeccable - as usual! The idea of 
having the v10 in Paris or somewhere in France is catching on. A few minutes 
ago we finished the community discussion about the location of v9. We had a 
breathtaking 8(!) offers: 2 locations in Greece, 2 locations in the US, India, 
Scotland, Slovenia/Italy & Portugal. Your child is definitely thriving!

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