[Battlemesh] WBMv8 -- a personal perspective

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Mon Aug 10 21:23:16 CEST 2015

>>> Thanks to the cjdns and
>>> MaidSafe people for their restraint.

> You are thankful that they did not participate?

I am grateful that they didn't ask for any last-minute changes to the setup.

> Are newcomers wanted or unwanted at the Battlemesh?

They are very much welcome, Demos, we definitely need new blood.

However, the supporters of a new protocol should announce their plans in
advance on the mailing list, and should participate in the firmware
configuration from the very beginning.

> what's wrong with developing Crypto Routing?

That's an interesting question in itself -- should privacy be an intrinsic
part of routing, should it be layered above routing, or should it be
layered below routing?  Only further experimentation and further thinking
will provide us with answers.

-- Juliusz

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