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Tue Aug 11 11:49:18 CEST 2015

I agree 100%.

And I would add the following, please tell me if you (plural you) also

There were quite some people that wanted to help out but it was not
clear what they could do.
I think we need more roles, firmware preparation and test manager are
not enough.

I think we need to have these responsibilities:

  * firmware preparation: like now - better if firmware is ready before
    the event with a fixed revision as previously suggested

  * test plan: individuate test scenarios realistically, that is,
    according to the situation of each event (number volunteers,
    technical issues and so on)

  * flashing: flashes devices in mass

  * configuration: reviews config of the past year, checks if they can
    be reused as is or need to be modified, if modified gets them
    approved by the routing devs - better if the basic configs are ready
    before the event

  * deployment & debugging: deploys the testbed and works until
    everything works correctly, updating configs if necessary

  * test scripts: writes and tests the scripts to execute tests, like
    much Henning and Thijs did this year, and passes the raw data to the
    graph generation

  * graph generation: writes (or reuses an already written set of)
    scripts to generate graphs from raw data extracted from the test scripts

  * documentation: prepares drawing of topology, takes photos of the
    testbed for the presentation, writes an outline of the test plan,
    stores all the configs and scripts used during the process for later

  * routing team: developers of all the routing protocol involved
    oversee the whole process, with particular attention to the test
    plan phase, configuration and test scripts.

Of course one person can help out with more than one function. This year
I helped out with configuration and documentation, while henning helped
out with test scripts, deployment and debugging.

With regular meetings as Pedro suggested plus a high level description
of the process it should be easy for volunteers to understand how they
can help out and start working asap.


On 08/11/2015 12:01 AM, guifipedro wrote:
> [About testbed]
> Our routing protocols work very well but we did (in my opinion) an
> epic fail in human communication.
> I propose planned, face to face, regular and short meetings for next
> testbed coordination in battlemesh v9 with all the teams [0] involved
> in.
> Each representative team member could answer this questions [1]:
> 1. What did you do yesterday?
> 2. What will you do today?
> 3. Are there any impediments in your way?
> This meetings should be assisted for example with an etherpad or
> similar application to have a writing version of that organized verbal
> conversation.
> [0] and all the members
> [1] inspired by daily scrum meeting,
> https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/agile/scrum/daily-scrum
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