[Battlemesh] 3-D printed harness to use MIMO panel antennas on consumer wifi routers

Ben West ben at gowasabi.net
Thu Aug 27 17:30:03 CEST 2015

I'm curious if anyone has played around with fabricating a harness, whether
via 3D printing or other method, that would permit the use of inexpensive
panel antennas with consumer-grade, indoor wifi routers that feature 2 (or
more) RP-SMA jacks.  For example with TP-Link indoor wifi router products.

That is, there are cheap panel antennas available, complete with RP-SMA

Since the spatial orientation is critical for panel antennas in MIMO modes,
I was curious about the prospect of putting such antennas in a simple
harness.  At its crudest, it could just be a frame one hangs on the wall,
carrying the panel antennas and the router, and the direction dictated by
the wall.

Ben West
ben at gowasabi.net
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