[Battlemesh] Hyperboria, Project Meshnet, MeshWith.Me.... confusing!

Ted Wood coolfactor at mac.com
Sat Jun 13 04:20:28 CEST 2015

My company, based in Canada, is interested in promoting and expanding the presence of mesh networks here in Canada, as well as in the Philippines. I came across the Hyperboria website and I’m rather confused by the discombobulated identity for the entire effort, and what seems to be a distracting Battle of the Mesh event (although I admit to know very little about that event).

- Why was Project Meshnet changed Hyperboria? Was there a legal reason? Because Project Meshnet was quite a self-descriptive name, which I think is important for this type of effort.
- The documentation is located on an entirely different domain (meshwith.me). Is this deliberate or just a legacy domain?
- Is there any way that I can help to clean up the branding and online identity of the project so that it can grow without any confusion in the marketplace?

~Ted Wood,
The Digital Orchard
Vancouver Island, Canada

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