[Battlemesh] Hyperboria, Project Meshnet, MeshWith.Me.... confusing!

Caleb Smith caleb at calebsmith.net
Sun Jun 14 03:42:46 CEST 2015

Hi Ted,

So Project Meshnet and Hyperboria aren't really the same thing. Finding the
differences between them are hard, but we usually refer to Project Meshnet
as a group of people looking to promote cjdns and the creation of what we
call meshlocals, groups of meshed nodes. Hyperboria is the biggest CJDNS
test network that's tunneled over the "clearnet".

Our docs that are hosted at docs.meshwith.me are hosted by a Project
Meshnet member, and not necessarily the "official" place to read those.
They're also hosted in other places, just for redundancy. They're not
hosted by Project Meshnet the entity, and as such don't use the
projectmesh.net domain.

You'll find that when it comes to Hyperboria/Project Meshnet, we often
don't do everything all together, that people pursue what they're
interested in, and as such there's a bit of fragmentation, and not
everything it together in the best way it could be.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 10:20 PM, Ted Wood <coolfactor at mac.com> wrote:

> My company, based in Canada, is interested in promoting and expanding the
> presence of mesh networks here in Canada, as well as in the Philippines. I
> came across the Hyperboria website and I’m rather confused by the
> discombobulated identity for the entire effort, and what seems to be a
> distracting Battle of the Mesh event (although I admit to know very little
> about that event).
> - Why was Project Meshnet changed Hyperboria? Was there a legal reason?
> Because Project Meshnet was quite a self-descriptive name, which I think is
> important for this type of effort.
> - The documentation is located on an entirely different domain (
> meshwith.me). Is this deliberate or just a legacy domain?
> - Is there any way that I can help to clean up the branding and online
> identity of the project so that it can grow without any confusion in the
> marketplace?
> ~Ted Wood,
> The Digital Orchard
> Vancouver Island, Canada
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