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Uros Platise uros at isotel.org
Sat Nov 14 16:16:19 CET 2015

Wars in Syria, Iraq, Iran, .. were and are for years, and there were no
chains of people moving towards EU. Neither there was no chain of people
moving to EU during many other wars stimulated in ex. Yugo.

So what we see now is a manipulated stream of people to distribute
instabilities across the EU, driven by the same source as we were seeing
seeing in Iran, Iraq, ... Libia, Egypt, ... do cross-correlation of
signals to get the point, and correlate in the period of the last 20
years, to understand the analogies.

I understand you want to be good but think twice who are you helping to
and what are you and your country going to pay for this after some
period of time. Read the true news, not the news promoted by US media
(who owns most of the EU media) In the case you forget, cross-correlate
in the period of at least 10 years,  to wake-up.

On 14/11/15 15:25, Monic Meisel wrote:
> Dear Battlemeshers,
> the Refugees Emancipation (a Berlin/Potsdam based association for self
> organized Internet cafés and Computer courses in refugee camps)
> Facebook page received the following message today. Lars is a
> supporter of RE (as I am) and responded correctly, that RE has no
> capacity to help there … 
> Also Freifunkas as I wrote you recently are spending their whole free
> time to connect refugees camps all over germany and collaborate with
> groups as RE ...
> Maybe some people on this list see an option to respond and support in
> Serbia with free networks knowHow and handsOn for (or even better
> together with) refugees.
> Thank you, Monic
>> === MESSAGE ===
>> Florent Shaipi
>> 13. November 01:39
>> Hi im from presevo (serbia)and here have a camp of refuges, in border
>> of tabanovce and in the town of presevo, every day croos a big number
>> of refuges,especialy kids , i would like to ask you as a organization
>> of refuges,to come here and to work with me in presevo(serbia) to
>> help refuges with food,medicine, to help and to tell them their
>> rights , My name is florent Shaipi and im.gradueted lawyer ,Im
>> working right now as a voulounter at the youth office in muncipality
>> of presevo her is the ofcial facebook of youth office in
>> presevohttps://www.facebook.com/zyra.presheve/ , here are , working
>> many non profit international organization like UNDP , Save the
>> children,Danish refuges council , Doctors without limit, etc ,I will
>> send to your organization some photos of refuges who are waiting
>> right now in the line to get a paper then to go tu EU,it would be a
>> hanour for us as a youth office to have partnership with NRC.
>>  https://www.google.rs/search?q=refugees+in+presevo&newwindow=1&tbm=isch&imgil=n2N0avScfo1gGM%253A%253BIlN7cggkyUmZTM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.alamy.com%25252Fstock-photo-presevo-serbia-4th-aug-2015-refugees-stand-in-front-of-a-so-called-86223606.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=n2N0avScfo1gGM%253A%252CIlN7cggkyUmZTM%252C_&biw=1366&bih=643&usg=__-x9zQ_93GZXgVbmDbJPK8XSduSY%3D&ved=0CDcQyjdqFQoTCM-D3-nuhckCFSEscgodAT4GEQ&ei=QuRBVs_aHqHYyAOB_JiIAQ#imgrc=nIG-DfmzmUZDeM%3A&usg=__-x9zQ_93GZXgVbmDbJPK8XSduSY%3D
>> Here is tthe link that shows how much of refuges are right now in
>> presevo . I hope you have time to answer me , wish you all the best
>> SIncerly
>> Florent Shaipi
>> === END MESSAGE ===
>> === ANSWER BY LARS  ===
>> my name is Lars and I'm not a member of Refugee Emancipation but
>> supporting them. I fear, I have to disappoint you, but refugee
>> emancipation is a small local group and they don't have the manpower
>> to comy by in serbia and help you out.
>> We will share your information and wish you all the best!
>> Lars
>> I hope the answer was ok, if anyone has the resources and wants to go
>> to serbia, please answer Florent via Facebook or let me know that you
>> want to communicate with him.
>> Best regards
>> Lars
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