[Battlemesh] Open Tasks - please volunteer!

cmsv cmsv at wirelesspt.net
Fri Nov 27 21:43:23 CET 2015

Yes I can help with all that, but will need to know about available

May be able to help with Handling Endorsement but need to have specific
information about what is needed.

Right now  I have quite  a bit of free time until the 18th of next month
and can looking into the events details that can help with.

I have been looking into the logo ideas and designers. If anyone else is
also looking into it; please let me know.

For hardware I can only lend single band (2.4ghz) Dlink dir 615 C1/E3
modded routers but will need to know how many if they are useful.

On 11/27/2015 05:38 AM, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
> Hi battlemeshers,
> as every yeah, we are asking for volunteers for open tasks to make the 
> Wireless Battle of the Mesh happen. As you all know, Battlemesh is a community 
> event and the only way to make it as great as the last years is to work on it 
> together! Therefore, please think if you can take over a task on the list 
> below to contribute! :)
>  * Handling Endorsement - Federico, do you want to take this over again this 
> year?
>  * Talk Organization/Agenda - Send out call for talks/workshops, collect ideas 
> and proposals, put the into a timetable, collect slides etc afterwards.
>  * Test preparation/management - create test scenarios or adopt from last 
> year, prepare and discuss them with teams, organize evaluation. As you may 
> know, this is a challenging, but very interesting task :)
>  * Firmware preparation - We all agreed to have a stable version BEFORE the 
> event. Who wants to take care of that? I think I heard Manos volunteering, but 
> I'm not sure ... ;)
>  * Logo - design an unique Logo for T-Shirts and Posters :)
>  * T-Shirts - T-Shirts were printed in Slovenia last year, maybe we can use 
> that again? Any other idea? 
>  * Press Communication - Anyone? This could also be divided in local press 
> communication (news papers, radios, etc) and global PR (blogs, news websites, 
> ...)
>  * Recording and Streaming - we will probably have equipment at the venue, but 
> we will need people involved to stream (if that is wanted), post-process, etc 
> ... -> CMSV showed some interest in that, should we sign you up?
>  * Hardware - is there anyone who can sponsor hardware this year? I can bring 
> ~7 TP-Links again, but we will need more!
> There are probably more things to do, and also if you have some ideas which 
> are not covered in the previous list, please share them and lets get things 
> done. :)
> Thanks!
>      Simon
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