[Battlemesh] Open Tasks - please volunteer!

Ryan Taylor ryan.taylor at dailyanarchist.com
Mon Nov 30 12:38:04 CET 2015

Hello everyone!

I will be available to stream BattleMesh again next year. I'm living in
Berlin now and plan on attending anyway.

On 11/27/15 11:38 AM, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
> Hi battlemeshers,
> as every yeah, we are asking for volunteers for open tasks to make the 
> Wireless Battle of the Mesh happen. As you all know, Battlemesh is a community 
> event and the only way to make it as great as the last years is to work on it 
> together! Therefore, please think if you can take over a task on the list 
> below to contribute! :)
>  * Handling Endorsement - Federico, do you want to take this over again this 
> year?
>  * Talk Organization/Agenda - Send out call for talks/workshops, collect ideas 
> and proposals, put the into a timetable, collect slides etc afterwards.
>  * Test preparation/management - create test scenarios or adopt from last 
> year, prepare and discuss them with teams, organize evaluation. As you may 
> know, this is a challenging, but very interesting task :)
>  * Firmware preparation - We all agreed to have a stable version BEFORE the 
> event. Who wants to take care of that? I think I heard Manos volunteering, but 
> I'm not sure ... ;)
>  * Logo - design an unique Logo for T-Shirts and Posters :)
>  * T-Shirts - T-Shirts were printed in Slovenia last year, maybe we can use 
> that again? Any other idea? 
>  * Press Communication - Anyone? This could also be divided in local press 
> communication (news papers, radios, etc) and global PR (blogs, news websites, 
> ...)
>  * Recording and Streaming - we will probably have equipment at the venue, but 
> we will need people involved to stream (if that is wanted), post-process, etc 
> ... -> CMSV showed some interest in that, should we sign you up?
>  * Hardware - is there anyone who can sponsor hardware this year? I can bring 
> ~7 TP-Links again, but we will need more!
> There are probably more things to do, and also if you have some ideas which 
> are not covered in the previous list, please share them and lets get things 
> done. :)
> Thanks!
>      Simon
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