[Battlemesh] Ligowave DLB devices hardware

Jernej Kos jernej at kos.mx
Fri Oct 16 15:46:31 CEST 2015


We are using our own version of the patch which uses the stock flash
layout and therefore can be easily flashed without any bootloader

It also properly updates the bootloader environment on successful boot,
so that the bootloader doesn't revert to the backup image. And this
setup still allows to switch between original and backup simply by
flipping a bootloader environment variable.

The solution requiring custom bootloaders is really not very nice.


On 16. 10. 2015 14:24, Daniel Golle wrote:
> Nice one!
> The problem preventing us from publishing and making this upstream is
> still the bootloader:
> The device comes with a dual-image bootloader. This is hard to support
> in OpenWrt, thus we were given a "simple" bootloader which boots a
> single image just like the usual Atheros U-Boot found on almost all
> other ar71xx-based devices.
> Now the problem is that:
>  * LigoWave only distributes this "simple" bootloader "on demand"
>  * They gave us only the binary, which is a GPL violation and cannot
>    be *re-distributed* without the source code (which we do not
>    have), otherwise who ever is re-distributing it risks being sued.
> Thus the device cannot be supported in OpenWrt unless we either
>  * get the full sourcecode of the "simple" loader and distribute
>    in along with OpenWrt.
>  * actually support the original stock dual-boot loader
>    (ie. lots of work for a feature we don't want -- if anything,
>    I'd rather have a "rescue" vs. "production" firmware, but not the
>    "classic" flash-split-into-halfs flip-flop dual-boot.
> Can you, Musti or anyone with contact to LigoWave, ask for the U-Boot
> sourcecode?
> A temporary (and still ugly) solution might also be that they could
> offer the simple bootloader *binary* for download on their homepage.
> However, as U-Boot is under GPLv2, this is also at least grey-zone'ish.
> PS: Find the patches on top of OpenWrt attached. Be aware that you'll
> already need the "simple" bootloader and matching LigoWave stock
> firmware installed on the device *before* installing OpenWrt, which is
> why it doesn't make sense to publish this yet...
> Cheers
> Daniel
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 10:23:42AM +0200, Ufo wrote:
>> finally we were able to flash openwrt (trunk) on one testdevice (LigoDLB
>> 5-15), and its now running inside our wifi mesh in leipzig for some
>> outdoortests.. (against Nanostation-M.. and CPE510)
>> https://twitter.com/Freifunk_L/status/654812243662471168
>> https://twitter.com/Freifunk_L/status/631948934504648704
>> On 12.07.2015 10:03, Musti wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am happy to share great news, Ligowave company has supported the event
>>> with a number of their newest Atheros based outdoor 5GHz devices:
>>> http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV8#Hardware Their team will attend the
>>> event as well so asking any questions will be simple.
>>> We will do our best to as many links to the venue and in the area with
>>> them before the event, such that we can really put them through the
>>> paces. OpenWRT support exists but is not yet integrated in the main
>>> release, anyone wishing to help out with that is very welcome to do so,
>>> please get in touch even before the event if possible.
>>> Very much looking forward to seeing you all in Maribor.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Musti
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