[Battlemesh] Result documentation RFC

Matthieu Boutier boutier at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Mon Sep 7 17:10:18 CEST 2015

Hi Federico,

A quick look at the git history.  It seems to used new colors:

    576dae4739 (Improved graph colors + added missing ones)

but the web page is not changed (graph generation).  So I remove all R command-lines in the page, and put a script in "data" to generate each graphs.  Please, pull it.

You may want to change the colors used in the script, regenerate, and then add:

git add results/001-20150808/1/reboot-rtt-ecdf-zoom.svg results/001-20150808/1/reboot-rtt-normal-summary.svg results/001-20150808/1/reboot-rtt-normal-zoom.svg results/001-20150808/2/ping-rtt-ecdf-zoom.svg results/001-20150808/2/ping-rtt-normal-babel.svg results/001-20150808/2/ping-rtt-normal.svg results/001-20150808/3/pingiperf-bitrate-normal.svg results/001-20150808/3/pingiperf-rtt-ecdf-zoom.svg results/001-20150808/3/pingiperf-rtt-normal.svg

(By the way, I'm not fan of commiting svg graphs which are not used in the html, it makes big commits which are completely useless.  That's why I copied them in the "image" dir, but that's ok to put them in data… no big deal for me.)


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